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DAYS 1–5 LO N D O N BARCLAYS BANK "While visiting Barclays Bank, I was really struck by the fact that many people high up in the company are foreigners willing to travel and live outside of the United States. Life doesn't necessarily revolve around working in the home country or the city you were born in." —Matt Dale, premanagement BABY BLITZ "The royal baby had just been born when we landed in London, so I stalked Kensington Palace waiting to see Pippa, Kate Middleton's sister, arrive. I talked with the British people outside the palace who were as excited about Pippa coming as I was. I'm kind of obsessed." —Kaitlin Kelly, exercise science FINANCIAL DISTRICT "We discussed how a very large and pros- perous bank was considering moving out of the London area. If the bank decided to move, it could have disastrous effects on the economy. The world is constantly shift- ing markets, and businesses want to move where there is the most growth. This leaves countries at risk of losing the business that makes their market stable." —Becca Broderick, accoUnting FOOT PAIN "We had a lot of sore feet and blisters. In the United States, if we want to go somewhere we jump in our car. In London you find the nearest Tube, and you walk all day long. It's good for you." —Scott Webb, program director HIDDEN GEM "We talked to a London native and asked him where we should go eat. He told us to go to an area called Shoreditch—it was great, not a lot of tourists. It had cool spray-painting murals all over the walls." —McKenzi McDonald, gloBal sUpplY chain WORD CHOICE "It was really weird asking for the toilet the first several times because it seemed so blunt and not very polite." —Miriam Cowley, gloBal sUpplY chain STUDENTS BEGAN their trip in a city more familiar than foreign for a good reason: "They were getting their feet under them," says program director and business management professor Scott Webb, who led the students through London's financial district, with stops at the London Stock Exchange and Barclays Bank. Their feet did have a bit to complain about—some students clocked their daily mileage between fourteen and twenty miles per day as they walked the historic city. I t i n e r a r y H i g h l i g h t s T O W E R O F L O N D O N • W E S T M I N S T E R A B B E Y B A R C L A Y S B A N K • C H E L S E A F O O T B A L L S T A D I U M • L O N D O N S T O C K E X C H A N G E

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