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ON THEIR FINAL stop of the trip, the students dipped their toes into one of the world's largest markets—and struggled through their steepest cultural barriers—eventu- ally summiting the Great Wall of China. "We climbed up to the highest the wall goes, and the view was just incredible," Jordan Egbert says. "The Great Wall is up in the mountains, and it was beautiful. Getting to the top brought a sense of accomplishment. It was a cool way to end the trip together." DAYS 30–34 B E I J I N G TOURIST ATTRACTIONS "It seemed like we could go several days with- out seeing another foreigner. Every time we turned around, there would be another Chinese person asking to take a picture with us. It was fun being a complete novelty." —Tony Bertolino, marketing RUSH HOUR "In Beijing there is no personal space. You get on the metro and you think no one else can get on there, and then it stops and another hundred people pack in." —Scott Webb, program director WALK IN THE PARK "One morning we went to a park. There were people working out, doing tai chi, and play- ing a Hacky Sack–type game—it kind of looks like a birdie with feathers on it that they hit with their feet. A couple of us walked into a game, and they told us to play with them. In Europe it felt like no one wanted us around, but in Asia they loved Americans and thought it was cool we visited." —McKenzi McDonald, gloBal sUpplY chain HYUNDAI MOTOR MANUFACTURING PLANT "The cars are put on a conveyer belt. They keep moving down the line, where workers will add one item or screw in something until it reaches the point where there is an entire car and someone has to get in and drive it off the conveyor belt." —Becca Broderick, accoUnting NBA CHINA "Basketball is huge in China. They love Yao Ming; he's a hero. Their favorite teams are the Houston Rockets and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The nBa does two exhibition games in China for marketing purposes, and the number of viewers is equivalent to all the views in the United States for an nBa finals game." —Matt Relei, marketing I t i n e r a r y H i g h l i g h t s G R E A T W A L L • P E A R L M A R K E T A C R O B A T S H O W • H Y U N D A I M O T O R M A N U F A C T U R I N G P L A N T F O R B I D D E N C I T Y • N B A C H I N A

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