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1. Move It A healthy heart needs a daily workout. To make exercise a hard habit to break, create external reminders. An Iowa State University profes- sor recently found that establishing an instiga- tion habit, like setting a daily alarm to remind you to go to the gym after work, can make exercise more automatic. 1 2. Scale Back Shedding pounds can ease the burden on your heart. And research says the faster you drop the excess weight, the bet- ter. Participants in an Australian study were more likely to achieve and maintain their goals if they lost weight rap- idly compared to their peers who took a more gradual approach to trimming down. 2 3 A Chan e of Heart Your valentine shouldn't get all the attention this February. Amid the red roses, chocolates, and overstuffed teddy bears, take time to show your ticker some love too. According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular diseases are more deadly than all other forms of cancer combined. In honor of Heart Month, commit to improving your health and get serious about beating the odds with these research- based tips. around the COOLER BY MADISOn nIelD 26 MARRIOTT

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