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6. Green Stuff Time to stop skimping on your greens—keep- ing bad cholesterol in check might be as simple as eating your veggies. British scien- tists have spent four- teen years developing a fat-fighting broccoli that has been shown to reduce lDl by 6 percent in twelve weeks. It's available under the name Beneforté in select US grocery stores. 5. fat chance Heart disease and dia- betes often go hand in hand. But the fight against elevated glucose may have an unlikely ally: heptadecanoic acid, a saturated fat found in butter and some fish. A recent study found that insulin levels in pre- diabetic dolphins were able to normalize after the marine mammals consumed more of the fatty acid. 7 4 6 5 4. under PreSSure Keeping your blood pressure in the nor- mal range—less than 120/80—is key for maintaining a healthy heart and preventing disease. One way to achieve this goal: take a nap. A recent Greek study found that sneak- ing in a midday snooze could lower blood pres- sure as well as reduce the need for hyperten- sion medications. 3. BIG drInk Most Americans know good nutrition is important, but many don't notice the hidden danger lurking in their cupholders. In a recent study, guzzling diet soda was directly connected to increased belly fat in adults sixty-five and older. The findings raise concerns about the link between zero-calorie drinks and metabolic disorders. 7. freSh Squeeze Whether your vice is a multitiered burger, sugary doughnuts, or a fresh-baked cake, clenching your fists can give you an extra dose of self-control against these vices—and a healthier heart. A 2010 study found that indi- viduals who tighten their muscles when faced with a tempting treat increase their willpower to stick with their health goals. 27 winter 2016

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