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overheard in the tanner Excel is our hammer and nails. It's our tool. • A single fridge and a single pantry between six guys ain't happening. • They are changing the carpet in the Portland airport, and everyone is freaking out. It's a carpet, people. • I just need some time for myself. • Last winter was horrible. The skiing was terrible, and we only went ice climbing one time! • What are you doing Saturday? I'm going to the SunnyD factory. • I thought we did pretty well, but I couldn't tell how that bald judge felt about us. • This is where opportunity costs don't factor into my logic. • Have you heard their target debt? • What are you doing here? I'm just scoping out the competition. • I hope they have mercy on us. • Thanks for playing. At least you got some truffles— that's the most valuable thing in there. • I stopped playing Risk when I realized my brother would win every time. I can't roll a six to save my life. • Sales is not something I want to do for a career. Maybe real estate—talk about a huge commission! • What kind is that, raspberry bacon? Raspberry mango. • Remember me? I brought you a monkey when your leg was broken! My back was broken. • If you were revenue, I would recognize you all day long. You put the 'rev' in revenue. • I wish they would get married, because I really want to be an aunt. • You should try the bread bowl soup. It's one of the lower-cost options. • I'm being overanalyzed during my shopping spree. • Once you get to that class, you'll be home free. • Everyone speaks so quietly. I'm a loud talker; I want everyone to know how funny I am. • So that's why you looked at my LinkedIn profile. I saw you. • How was your break? It was great; I watched The Office a lot. I love Creed so much. • I say but when I mean to say and. • She's really nice, and she's really friendly, but you know how she gets. • Summer's the best time of year if you want interaction with recruiters. • He walked with me to class, and it was the best. THE BEST! And then I thought, "Oh no, you're getting too attached." • This week has been going by so slow. I feel like it's been a week since yesterday. • I never talk about babies when I'm with guys. How do they know I'm baby hungry? • PB&J lunch. Nailed it! • Hey there! You wave weird. • Jimmer Fredette will always have a special place in my heart. • What did you think of the debate? Oh, I didn't see it; I was watching The Bachelor. • How was your trip? Well, I got stranded in North Dakota for two days, so not great. • R2-D2 could totally do it by himself, though. Think about the prequels. • He's like the Dolly Parton of professional sports.

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