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10 4 Contents | summer 2016 Features Plus . . . 9 inside the classroom Generating Buzz, One Viral Post at a Time 16 around the cooler Bragging Writes 26 By the numBers Out of the Office 28 school news 34 alumni news 39 2015 annual report Cover illustration by Mark Smith 18 26 4 roadside attraction Trevor Mecham planned to leave the restaurant biz when he earned an information systems degree. But instead of joining the tech boom, the 1989 alum surprised himself by accepting an offer to overhaul his hometown diner—a choice that's still serving up dividends nearly three decades later. 10 he said, she said Playing together could help couples stay together, according to a Marriott School study. Interestingly, what partners do for recreation affects marital satisfaction more than how much time is spent together. We interviewed the professors behind the findings—and their spouses—to learn more. 12 the power of not Knowing Knowledge isn't always power. That's the theory alum Liz Wiseman, president of the Wiseman Group and author of Multipliers, put forth in a recent BYU forum address. Her research shows that inexperience can enhance our ability to develop innovative solutions. 18 advanced parenting: the ultimate college-sKills crash course You might feel like the work is done when your soon-to-be freshman gets an acceptance letter from his or her dream school. But getting into college and thriving in college require very dif- ferent skill sets. Review this cheat sheet to help your teen ace undergraduate life. 3 summer 2016

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