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1. weighty words Watch your words. Avoid the conjunc- tion but, a word that negates progress, and opt instead for and. Weave in collective pronouns like we and us. Also, be careful with the term negotiation—it can arouse defenses. Instead, say conversa- tion or problem-solving. "Those are small things that set the stage but really make a profound difference in how people interact," says Liljenquist, adjunct pro- fessor of organizational leadership and strategy. 2 1 Ne g otiate Like a Pro Negotiation skills might not bring you everything you want in life, but you can increase your odds of success. To up your game, try a relationship-driven approach for an outcome that helps everyone, says a 2015 study in Harvard's Negotiation Journal. At work or beyond, navigate your next negotiation—and forge a reputation for fairness—with tips from the study's authors: Katie A. Liljenquist and Kristen Bell DeTienne from the Marriott School, and M-C Ingerson from San Jose State University. 3 2. due diligence "The best negotiators are not the most creden- tialed. The best negotia- tors are those who do their homework," says Ingerson, professor of management and the study's lead author. Understanding before- hand what each party stands to gain or lose not only prepares you to bring your A game but shows respect for every- one else at the table. around the COOLER BY BREMEN LEAK 26 MARRIOTT

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