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Alumni News maNagEmENt sociEty Management Society Chapters Honor Leaders In congruence with the BYU Management Society's mission to "grow moral and ethical leadership around the world," chapters across the nation host charity- centered banquets, collecting scholarship funds to distribute to students in need while honoring professionals, service leaders, and influential philanthropists. Take a look inside four management society chapter galas from the past year. Utah County For the first time, two recipients were presented with the Pioneer in Leader- ship Award. J. W. "Bill" Marriott, execu- tive chairman of Marriott International, and his wife, Donna, were honored for their leadership, generosity, and philan- thropic involvement at the Utah County Chapter's eighth annual gala, held last November. The gala featured a dinner, award presentation, and onstage interview con- ducted by the Marriott's daughter, Debo- rah Harrison, in which Bill graciously expressed his love of family and devotion to service, humility, and teamwork. "Mr. Marriott is known and respected across the world for his personal ethics and business acumen," says Larry Ste- venson, chapter president and presenter of the award. "As former CEO of the Marriott Corporation, he completely changed the future of the hospitality industry. As for Mrs. Marriott, her quiet leadership in local charity work, her family, and church callings warranted Mr. and Mrs. Marriott being our first corecipients." Salt Lake City In June, Frank Layden was honored on behalf of the Management Society's Salt Lake Chapter as the year's Distinguished Utahn at the Annual Distinguished Utahn event. Layden, former coach and cornerstone of the Utah Jazz, joined the ranks of previous honorees includ- ing Larry H. Miller, LaVell and Pattie Edwards, Spencer Eccles, Jon and Karen Huntsman, Olene Walker, and Michael O. Leavitt. "Awarding Frank Layden this year was an obvious choice after consider- ing all that he and his wife, Barbara, have accomplished professionally and contributed personally to the state of Utah," says Matt Hansen, Salt Lake Chapter president. "To all who know him, Frank Layden is not only one of the most genuine, charismatic, and approachable individuals that you will ever meet, but his lifetime of enthusiastic leadership, sense of humor, and selfless service to residents of Utah made him one of the most qualified recipients in the twenty- three-year history of the award." Washington, DC Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and New York Times best-selling author, took the stage at the Washington, DC, Chapter's annual gala at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in April. Nearly four hundred guests—including foreign diplomats and business leaders— came to hear his speech and witness as he received the Distinguished Business Leader Award. "Each year, the Washington, DC, Chap- ter honors either a distinguished public servant or business leader," says Hugh Redd, chapter president. "The event brings chapter members and friends together in celebration of our desire to develop leaders around the globe. At this year's gala, we honored Dr. Clayton Christensen for his work in business education, service in the community, and passion for the society's mission." Christensen, an accomplished busi- nessman, was chosen for his significant and lasting contributions in the fields of business strategy and innovation. Last year Christensen received the Edison Achievement Award, and in 2011 the Economist named his 1997 book The Innovator's Dilemma one of the six most important books about business. New York The New York LDS Professional Associa- tion (NYLDSPA) presented Paula Gavin, NYC chief service officer, with the Vision- ary Leadership Award at its annual fall banquet last November. The award is given to a business, education, or non- profit leader who has made significant contributions to the community. The banquet featured former Utah governor Michael O. Leavitt, who served in President George W. Bush's cabinet, as the honorary keynote speaker. "The event was especially significant to our organization because it helped accomplish several objectives in our core mission," says Jared Remington, NYLDSPA president. "We were able to raise college scholarship funds for need- based students from the NYC metro area, provide networking opportunities to professionals, and create opportunities to provide community service." cLass NotEs 1978 Work has taken Curt J. Howes far from the small Utah town where he grew up. He has worked and consulted on every continent except Antarctica and has traveled to more than forty-five countries and all fifty 42 MARRIOTT

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