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Team India Team Members: Taylor Baker, Calvert Cazier, Tanner Clawson, Serene Papenfuss, Eric Townshend Why India? Eric: "India is a very large country. While there's a lot of development, there are also a lot of people getting left behind. We decided that because of its size, it was a place where we could create a lot of impact. Most tertiary hospitals, which are the ones that generally have NICUs, use equipment that approaches or matches the quality of what we use here in the United States." How was your experience in India? Eric: "We had a great experience. The people there were really awesome and helpful. We had contacts from a trip I had made with HELP International three years ago. They helped to organize the trip, which made it easy to get into hospitals to talk with doctors. We talked with at least thirty different hospitals." What is your team's winning strategy? Eric: "We started from the beginning by looking at all the places where this product could be used, like public hospitals, ambulances, primary care centers, and rural hospitals, which has given us a broad understanding of the problem. It also allowed us to see what the challenges are in every place and where seventeen products in six different countries, including Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, and India. We also have a lot of engineers, so we really have the product design area down pretty well. We've been very focused with all of our products on sustainability and creating a business model that will allow the impact to continue into the future, and that is exactly what we are trying to do with the respirator in Rwanda." this is really going to make a difference. I think what will set our team apart is our broad understanding of the marketplace and how this product would be used. That makes it easier to make necessary changes to the device." Team India poses while traveling across India to visit over thirty different hospitals. The team comes from a wide variety of majors, including political science, economics, finance, mechanical engineering, and international relations. "seeing their excitement and the light come into their eyes as they told us how this machine would help and how many babIes it would save was such a phenomenal experIence." —Kadie KovaCh Photo © Steven Stephen 21

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