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2. Portion Control Nuts, especially almonds, are filled with protein and heart- friendly fats. However, a little nuttiness can go a long way: almonds are high in both cost and calories, so buy them in bulk to save money, and measure out small serv- ings ahead of time to bring to work. Pair them with your cheese of choice for some calcium and extra protein. 1. Protein Power To pack the biggest snack-time punch, reach for protein. A 2012 study from the University of Missouri said women who ate a snack with twenty-four grams or more of pro- tein felt fuller longer than women who ate low-protein snacks. To fill up on protein, pack along some salted soy- beans, turkey jerky, or cottage cheese topped with fruit. 1 2 3 around the COOLER BY SArA SMith AtwooD BY SArA SMith AtwooD Seven Smart Desktop Snacks Do you get a daily case of the 3 p.m. slumps? The afternoon drive to drowse can be caused by dehydration, low blood sugar, or a low-protein lunch. But before you reach into your coworker's candy bowl to spike your energy, beware: high-sugar snacks are loaded with unneces- sary calories and can lead to even more fatigue. Instead, fill your water bottle and beat the slump—and the vending machine—with these healthy snack ideas. Photography by Bradley Slade 14 MARRIOTT

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