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overheard in the tanner I went to the info session and realized I want that lifestyle. • Would you like a Bluetooth speaker? • I think I'm going to get an interview with Goldman Sachs. • What's your sister like? What kind of personality does she have? • I hate crowds. • I had my business suit on, and apparently that left an impression on them. • Your hair looks really good. • So who are you dating now? Dude, we broke up a week ago. I need more rebound time. • I saw you at my ward prayer last night! You mean my ward prayer? • He considered going to the U. • Keep it real. • If you're in a relationship that long, "Let It Go!" • Yeah, she's moved on. She's all married now! • I have no idea. I just showed up. • Ball is life. • Just crack open your textbook. • Here's the deal: I need to do well on my finance final. When it's time to study, will you be my man? • I can't eat any more Blue Line; I've had it every day. That's what happens when you live in the Tanner Building. • I did well because of the curve. • I don't feel nervous; I'm just sleep-deprived. • I hate tests that are all essays. You actually have to know things. • I haven't seen her actually work. • Honestly, I was thinking about getting a massage. • I can't ever buy anything with a credit card. • Is your current work environment conducive to doing a good job? • I am so stressed out, and my backpack has been hurting my back. • On Monday I almost wanted to cry, "I don't want to go to school!" • I am scared for Utah. • You got a hot date? I'll tell you what's a hot date. • I figure we ought to meet and just talk about how to divvy up the work. • I'd rather open doors than close them. • I have, like, a fifteen-foot jump shot. • You look like an idiot. I was in a hurry. • I just am not good at winter. I fall all the time. • The ref at the basketball game got my number, but he made some bad calls, so I didn't respond. • Wow, you bounce back fast. • Are you married? No. I'm on the market though, but I only have a few months left. • Who wants a cookie? I want a cookie; let's go back. • My dog's not a big fan of turkey. She loves chicken. Turkey's just not her thing, I guess. • I'm just going to eat my feelings. • If he gets new glasses and a better selection of pants, he'd be a pretty good-looking guy. • We just met, and it was such a great encounter. • Once the full cast leaves Studio C, we're going to need PR to do a whole new rebranding. • I did three flawless case interviews. • Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just out of breath because I walked up the Tanner stairs. • Every day is ski day.

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