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32 4 Contents | sUmmer 2017 Features Plus . . . 9 inside the classroom Creating a Different Kind of Product 14 aroUnd the cooler Seven Smart Desktop Snacks 30 BY the nUmBers Respecting Our Resources 36 school news 43 alUmni news 14 16 4 PressinG toward the Goal A short distance from the Tanner Building, BYU Women's Soccer head coach Jennifer Rockwood continues to strive for ever-greater success—a trend that began when the 1989 alum decided to challenge herself with a course of study that forced her outside of her comfort zone. 10 oFFice erGonomics 101: simPle FiXes For creatinG a healthier worKsPace Sitting behind a desk all day can be hazardous to your health, but it doesn't have to be. Learn how to work around common hurdles to increased well-being and productivity with these helpful tips. 16 FiFtY Great moments in nac historY It's impossible to measure the impact of an organization such as the National Advisory Council, but this list of highlights provides a glimpse at just some of the ways the NAC has benefited the people and programs of the Marriott School since 1966. 32 in the FootstePs oF leaders When those who are qualified to lead choose not to, those who are in it for the wrong reasons often take their place. BYU Alumni Achievement Award recipient Sam Dunn, a former senior VP at Walmart, shares several qualities that shape effective leaders. 3 summer 2017

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