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overheard in the tanner I'm like a dog. I see a ball, and I just go for it. • It's fun to win. But based on the season so far, that's not going to happen. • No losing your voice. This is not The Little Mermaid. • Don't send me an email and say, "I need your course description in forty-five minutes." • My sister says I'm insane at networking. • Most people do not take this class as a freshman, so you're very brave. • I had a companion who would fall asleep in twenty seconds. We'd be having this great conversation, and suddenly he was out. • You're just a baby now, but talk to me again in a few years when you're a senior. • I don't know if there is a perfect balance of working, making money, and having a life. • We need a chill day so that we don't get burned out in Paris. • Wish me suerte. • I will study enough to go to that concert. But if I fail my chem test, it's OK. • They are the funniest pair. Not sure how it happened, but it's perfect. • Where do you work? A startup company. That sounds nice and trendy. • I've been home for three weeks now. You're so new to the world! Holy cow! • That's not family friendly. They could do way better than that. • I just heard a little sound, and I wanted to make sure that no one was passed out in here. • He's going to throw something at us that will be about accounting. I can feel it. • I've been reading your blogs. I know what your voice sounds like. • Everywhere we go, we're going to see beautiful things. • I was that guy who fell asleep in your class. The night before that, I met this girl who is a nerd like me, so I got really excited, and we talked for nine hours. • The world needs more of her. She's great—also intimidating. • I didn't like the food in London very much. But you know, I'm a creature of habit. • This is such a nice building. That's why I come here every day. Not for class. • Yes, I've been telling you: I want to go to Primark. • She's like the Ballard Center's golden child. • I thought you had a bike. It got stolen. I left it unlocked—amateur mistake. • I'm basically just going to teach them how to value stuff. • I can't control all the charges that come out of this office. Actually, you're the controller; that's your job. And that's why I have control issues. • I make everyone laugh. They laugh when I say hello. • You should probably stay and make money. I'd really love to see you though. • I had elk running on either side of me. It was like Dances with Wolves or something.

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