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overheard in the tanner My Halloween plans are homework. That's all I have going for me right now. • Loner forever—that makes sense. • I'm going to be such a nerd with my ant emojis. • Like you might jump once or twice, but it's not actually scary. • I like your keyboard. • Here's my skill set—does it work for you? No? Okay. • Flower me, bro. • I still had to ride the elevator with those people! • Okay, now back to the finance part. • The quarterback is LDS! • The junior core is actually really fun! • I don't really understand the concepts, so why study more? • Crazy lies! Crazy lies! • It's a career class—it's not important. • The scene starts out funny, and it gets way intense! • You've never seen Pulp Fiction? Samuel L. Jackson is wonderful! It's so good! • I knew it was Wednesday, but it felt like Thursday! • I just always feel like Taco Bell. • Who would you rather date—me or her? • It's the intensity from spring to summer to winter. • You said that you're proficient in softwares?! • I remember he was econ— he has big brains! • The TAs are getting lazy! • They made me wait overnight, and then took me to the doctor the next day. • You can commit fraud intentionally— why didn't you tell us? • I didn't crash the car—it went over a rock! • You're rockin' the sandals— and that's a plus! • Only 12.5 percent of girls in the Ballard Center are eligible to date. • Just get a ton of knowledge without mastering anything! • You just hit my hipbone! • I always feel bad because of his accent! • I'm going to go run up and down the stairs because I'm falling asleep! • Are you going to propose? Is that a stupid question? • I stopped after two kisses! • Spain was in my top 5— but then I got called somewhere else. • I didn't have anything embarrassing to say, but I felt so bad for my sister! • You're amazing and I want to talk to you, but I don't know how to be your friend. • I want to buy a season pass, but I got to invest in the stock market. • That Instagram mom—so awesome! • You're staying in accounting? I guess. • I took a bath last night—with dish soap. • I saw him at lunch, I saw him at the Wilk. • I have three closets—used to be four! • Hey, Squidward! • I only go to that class because there's always only like four or five people in it. • That just tanked my grade! • Look straight! Look straight! Then slowly look up! • I'll get her a Christmas tree to soften the blow. • Would you really actually say that to your mom? • Okay, so who's down to ditch class?

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